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Mulawarman University is situated in East Kalimantan province, a border province to Malaysia Sabah and Sarawak. The climate is characterized as humid tropic with frequent and high debit of rainfall. The main advantages of being a state university in the region are local reputation of this university is relatively high among the secondary education students, abundance support from East Kalimantan and North Kalimantan provincial and district governments for student scholarships, has prominent graduates in the local government sectors, and relatively good academic resources for the purpose of teaching and learning.

Geographically, Samarinda as the host city for Mulawarman University has a good access to more developed cities in Java, Sulawesi, and parts of Borneo (Malaysia Sabah and Sarawak). As a lesser developed university in comparison to the universities in Java, i.e. the big eight and Hasanuddin University in Sulawesi, the views of parents of the prospective students tend to Mulawarman University as a second choice after the universities in Java and in the ASEAN region.

The project sites located in lowland and hilly terrain. Based on soil investigation for another project near the project sites, lowland location has a bedrock layer from 40 to 50 meters under the surface while in the hilly terrain, the bedrock is found in relatively shallow about 15 to 25 meters. Mulawarman University is established on a 63-Ha area that consists of 14 faculties. The social condition of Mulawarman University is as a hub to connect two settlements and two main roads in Samarinda. This has an impact of becoming an alternative access through the locations. The geological aspect of the Mulawarman University is lying on the Balikpapan formation and the typical land surface is categorized as soft ground.

Mulawarman University has three campuses. Main campus is in sub-district of Gunung Kelua. Two other satellite campuses are in P. Flores street for FIB campus and Banggeris street which the location of FKIP. The main campus consists of the rectorate buildings and administration, Bureaus, the main library, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Forestry, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Faculty of Education and Teaching, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

The main campus of G. Kelua has several entrances. The main entrance is at M. Yamin street. The side entrance is from Gelatik street, Pramuka Street and Ruhui Rahayu. street. The main entrance has a unique land topography. In general, Mulawaman University has a flatland area but some area has precipitous topography and other part area are marsh-land.