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Deadline for Degree Program Submission (Batch 1)

Announcement for document submission deadline for scholarship candidates to be processed in Batch 1 NOL submission on 15 May 2017.

1. Prospective students are permanent faculty members (proven by NIDN) or contract faculty members (proven by NIDK).
2. The maximum age of scholarships for doctoral programs abroad is 45 years at the time of enrollment.
3. Letter of study recommendation from Dean of Faculty.
4. The field of proposed and targeted science should be relevant to the development of the four universities as centers of excellence for the nation’s competitiveness as evidenced in the research proposals.
5. The applicant must be admitted to the designated University as proved by the Unconditional Letter of Acceptance or other related documents such as the Record of Candidature (RoC) of the intended university
6. Reference/recommendation letter (minimum of two referrals) from a lecturer in the field of science
7. A valid TOEFL-IBT/TOEFL-PBT/IELTS certificate that meets the requirements set by the University for the purpose of the study assignment
8. A copy of the registration form to the completed and completed destination university (if any).
9. The prove of correspondence with the supervisor or professor
10. A statement of ability and/or integrity pact to return to their respective university after completion of study
11. A statement letter of ability for the CPNS to take care of civil servant status (if appointed) at own expense.
12. Follow-up plan to support the Center of Excellence for Tropical Studies
13. Priority will be given to the university of destination which has an MoU with a university of origin with a program of study that has been followed has been recognized by Kemenristekdikti (Listed in http://ijazahln.dikti.go.id).

All related template and SOPs can be found in the guideline section of this website.

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