Staff Development

Establishment of new PhD candidates, PhD degree holders, highly skilled staffs are a set of goals in the staff development programs of the project.

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Curricula Development

The core of curricula development establishes national standard curriculum in every undergraduate study programs in align with the Main Scientific Pattern of Mulawarman University.

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Research Consortia

Research Consortia are umbrella programs between the 4 in 1 universities for the showcase of the Center of Excellence for Tropical Studies. This consists of joint research and mobility on the related consortia programs.

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Staff Development

To align with the specific objective of becoming a Center of Excellence for Tropical Studies, Mulawarman University proposes 22 new PhD scholarships under the project of IDB. The scholarships are divided into two destination countries, that are ASEAN (Thailand and Malaysia) and non-ASEAN countries (Europe, Japan, and South Korea). To have an objective selection process for the candidates, it is required to have a bridging program consisting of 36 PhD candidates Mulawarman University had previously run two batches of the similar bridging program with strict standard, thus Mulawarman University were able to send the staffs to various scholarship with successful rate of more than 50%. The intended courses are in agriculture, forestry, life science, technology, public health, pharmacy or medicine, or other hard sciences. The outputs of these activities are (1) number of PhD scholar increases from 221 to 243 PhD holders, (2) number of qualified PhD candidates increases by 40 individuals, number of certified individuals including lecturers and technical staffs by 16 individuals, and (3) number of recharged lecturers by 13 persons.

The outcomes are increasing teaching and learning quality as well as research and innovation quality measured by incremental increase in research outputs (publication and citation) and reducing waiting time of the students. The impacts are increasing quality, relevance, and competitiveness of the higher education in Mulawarman University.

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