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Pharmacy Research Laboratory

The laboratory has total coverage area of about 4500 meter square. The first floor is designed for library, meeting room, drugs store, laborer’s room, and toilet. The second floor is intended for lecture room, chemistry laboratory, physics laboratory, locker rooms and toilet. The third floor is aimed for cosmetics pharmaceutical laboratory, sterile pharmaceutical laboratory, food and beverage pharmaceutical laboratory, lockers room and toilet. The fourth floor is for microbiology laboratory, pharmacology laboratory, pharmacognosys laboratory, tool’s and material storage, and toilet. Stairs and ramp will be equipped as vertical transportation.

The building is built with reinforced concrete rigid frame. The site location is in the swamp area, the building adopted the local style of stilt building. This type of construction also can provide a pond beneath the floor. The pond functions as the catchment area to reduce flood risk. This pond can also for the fisheries practice field. The wetland waste water will be planted near the building, adjacent to the Public Health Laboratory. Local material is used to support the building construction.

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