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Public Health Laboratory

The building has 4000 meter square, consists of 4 floor. The first floor is for epidemiology laboratory, warehouse equipment, loading dock, laboratories assistant, temporary supply storage and service. Stairs and ramp are utilized as vertical transportation. The second floor is designed to support environmental health and nutrition laboratories. This floor is designed like the first floor that will provide lab’s assistant room, lab’s supply room and service. The third floor has promotion health, occupation and safety laboratories. The fourth floor is for meeting room, study hall and library. The building will be built with reinforced concrete rigid frame. The site location is in the swamp area, therefore the building will adopt the local style of stilt building. This type of construction also can provide a pond beneath the floor. The ponds functions as the catchment area to reduce the environmental flood risk. The wetland waste water will be planted near the building and this pond can also for the fisheries practice field. Local material is used to support the building construction.

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