Guideline Documents

Guideline Documents

Guideline Material

Hard Program document (DOWNLOAD)

Bridging Program document (DOWNLOAD)

Degree Program document (DOWNLOAD)

POB Non-degree Training Program document (DOWNLOAD)

Overseas Training Program document (DOWNLOAD)

Recharging Program document (DOWNLOAD)

Curricula Development document (DOWNLOAD)

Research Grant documents:

    Acuan Panduan Hibah Penelitian Edisi X Dikti (DOWNLOAD)

    Panduan Umum Hibah Penelitian IDB TA 2017 Universitas Mulawarman (DOWNLOAD)

Teaching Grant document (DOWNLOAD)

Book Grant document (DOWNLOAD)

Research Consortia document (DOWNLOAD)

Introduction to the project: the project, staffing, total loan received, and targets. (Indonesian language) Please click here

Soft Development: Research Consortia, Research Grant, Curriculum Development, and Staff Development. (Indonesian language) Please click here

Hard Programs: Civil works, Infrastructure, and Equipment Procurement. (Indonesian language) Please click here